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The following family trees have been compiled by linking together existing genealogies found in various archives in Europe and North America. They include many European royal families as well as nobility dating back to ancient times.

Note: The family trees on this website are but a small selection of the total number of extensive genealogies in our files. Contact us with the names of the families you are intested in.


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Bulletin Board
International genealogical posting board for use as a research tool.

containing many thousands of family names

is a genealogy going back more than 2,500 years.

In the Aftermath of the 30-Year War...
Population was depleted...Polygamy encouraged.

Map Drawer
European maps, 14th to 20th century

Ogier the Dane and Eleonora Christina
as seen by Hans Christian Andersen

Julus Family
and descendency

go back a long, long time; did you know?

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of some of the people in the Genealogy.

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Giant List
containing close to 2,000 family names from the Low Countries in Europe in our database.

Family von Pentz
from Mecklenburg and Schleswig-Holstein
Letters from King Christian IV concerning his oldest daughter.

Brief histories
of famous historical persons

American Family Tree
as seen by Norman Rockwell

Hessians in America
fighting for King George against the rebellious American colonies 1776-83.

Discovery of North America
by the Norse Vikings Biarni Heriulfsson and Leif 'the Lucky' Ericsson in the latter part of the 10th century.

Proof of the Existence of Vinland
True or False?

Origin of the Danish people
(From Saxo Grammaticus)

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Saxo and Shakespeare

Danish Families
in the Middle Ages

Ivar Vidfadme's Descendants
From Koenigsfeldt's archives

Danish Kings
Portraits of the kings of Denmark since Gorm 'the Old'

The Danes in Normandy
Rolf and his Descendants

Germania: On the Origin, Geography, Institutions and Tribes of Germany in the year 100 A.D.
(By Publius Cornelius Tacitus - A.D. 55 - 120)

As told by an Eyewitness
How our forebears lived some 65 generations ago

Caesar on the Germans
The length and breadth of the Hercynian forest and people and strange animals

Dragons ...
in history and in folklore

Invasion of Britain
in the year 55 BC

Cato on Extravagance vs Frugality
'Women's Rights' Movement alive and well 2200 years ago

The Merovingians -
(and the way the Knights Templar look at these people)
The Merovingian dynasty of kings that ruled France and Germany from the 5th to the 8th century

The Great Thousand-Year-Old German Epic

Ancient German Families
and Tribal Leaders from the first millenium

Angli, Saxons, Jutes, Danes and Normans
in the British Isles after the fall of Rome

Medieval Germany
Families of Nobility and Royalty. Koenigsfeldt's European Royalty.

German Emperors
from Charlemagne in year 800 to the end of the empire

Medieval France
Successors of Carolus Magnus

The Arthurian Legend

Gods and Mortals
. . . from high on top of Mount Olympus, mighty Zeus looks down upon the world . . . This genealogy shows you the family of the gods from the births of Uranus and Gaea (the Universe and World) to the people of the ancient cities of Athens, Troy and Knossos and the founding of Rome in 753 B.C. (With brief histories of more than 500 individual gods and monsters, heroes and ordinary mortals in the Greek and Roman mythologies).

Medieval and Ancient Rulers
in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean region

The Far East
Earliest oriental cultures

The Americas
Early cultures in Central and South America

A Persistent Bore (Horace)

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More than 200,000 on file!

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